Gillian Alcorn's greatest passion in life is studying the effects of food on the body and how we can live at our best in body, mind, and spirit. 
Gillian is self taught, and her beautiful journey began over 5 years ago after the birth of her daughter, Mae.  After she had her daughter, she became quite sick - even walking up the stairs her legs would ache.  She was having panic attacks, nightmares, anxiety, digestive problems and so on.  She also had some symptoms that had been present long before this such as bad skin, depression, and just a general unhappiness and bad feeling which is not how life is meant to feel.  
After a couple of years and many trips to Medical Doctors (way back when she thought that was the best way), one amazing man mentioned Gluten being the cause of some of the problems.  It all began right there. 
After removing gluten from her diet, Gillian felt better within 48 hours; right then and there she realized just how powerful everything is that we choose to put in our body. 
Next was dairy and her skin and bloating improved. 
Gillian began spending every spare minute studying these things through books, youtube, articles and tests on her own body.  This all led her to where she is today and what she finds to make herself thrive at her absolute best which is low fat raw vegan.  
By consuming and abundance of raw fruits and vegetables, with a focus on those that are as natural as possible (non hybrid), and very low natural fats (avocados, nuts etc), Gillian has experienced and major internal and external transformation.  "It is a completely different life experience now.  I am on the other side. I feel like a kid again with excitement for each day. I feel happy and full of life and love" 
Gillian has healed all of the physical issues with her body such as digestion and bad skin (her skin has never in her life been better).  For the first time in her life the prescription of her eye sight is also improving.  She has vivid, clear and positive dreams as opposed to nightmares. Her energy is through the roof constantly with no ups and downs.  She also feels a general happiness and peace she did not have before.  She feels full of life and full of love.  She also feels much more confident and assured and because she is taking care of herself and loving herself she can then do the same with others.
Gillian has transformed her life in such a positive and magical way. Her dreams are to help others feel the same and to continue to be the change she wishes to see in the world.