What Are The Benefits Of A Raw Food Diet?

There are MANY benefits to switching to a raw food diet in this life.  First of all, your body can actually detox and cleanse itself when you remove the toxins and put in the fruits and vegetables. This is especially true in their raw state as they are loaded with the enzymes and electric life.

Most people are consuming toxins constantly. I used to be one of them!

Pictured above on the left side, is 2009 (age 27)  when I used to eat a great deal of meat and processed food, and also drank quite a bit of coffee and alcohol.  I was NOT happy like how I am now (pictured above on the right in 2017 at 35 years old on a raw food diet).  I was NOT thriving.  This is not the way to live. Trust me, it is a way happier life on the other side of this.  Back then I was anxious and stressed. I had skin problems on my body. I had bags and circles under my eyes, and my eyes lacked the openness and vibrancy they have now.  I had nightmares.  I would get starving feelings if I missed a snack.  I was more centered around my ego.  I had this general feeling of angst.

When your body is getting all of these fake, unnatural things, it puts it in a stressful state and you can then experience minor to major interior and exterior problems.  Everything from skin problems and digestive disorders to depression and anxiety and at the other severe end of things; cancer. 

I will save the cancer topic for another blog post in the near future.  

Back to the beautiful benefits of being raw:)...

You will notice an abundance of health and spiritual benefits when you change your life to one that is focused on a raw food lifestyle. 

Below, I list how I have personally benefited from going raw.  

List of the Benefits of a Raw Food Diet from my personal experience:

  • you sleep much better
  • you do not have nightmares...instead have more vivid dreams which are pleasant
  • your skin clears up completely in every area of your body that it had problems in before (before I went Raw I had skin breakouts on my back and upper thighs, and then occasionally on my face.  Now my skin is absolutely perfect everywhere)
  • your eyes open up more, appear more awake and large and the whites in your eyes get whiter
  • you no longer have bags or dark circles under your eyes (meat is a major factor in people having bags/circles under their eyes)
  • your body goes into healing mode and begins healing things you may have not even thought possible.  I can not wait to expand on this and the power of foods in healing in future blog posts. For the first time in my life, my eye sight is improving in prescription points.  
  • you feel much more spiritual
  • you feel much more loving and thus are able to offer much more love to the world
  • you feel much more compassionate
  • your focus and clarity are amazing
  • your drive increases
  • your production increases
  • your creativity levels increase - you get into this flow in life and things come out of you naturally creative-wise.  Steve Jobs often claimed his success was due to his high fruit diet flowing things out of him.  And look how successful this man was on the Creative front.  Now I can connect the dots between the name he chose for his company.  (side note we all know he did not live a long life and I plan on expanding more on his story in a future blog post).
  • you have a much greater sense of self love and desire to live from your heart
  • you feel like you are more in tune with synchronicities in your life
  • you feel much more present
  • you awaken with a good feeling each morning 
  • you are living life and are not addicted and dependent on fake foods or drinks
  • you feel and gain more inspiration from music 
  • you have zero bloating
  • you feel a much greater sense of confidence
  • your patience improves
  • since you have gained control of how you feed yourself you begin to gain control of other things in your life as well
  • your body breathes better 
  • you look better and also much, much younger
  • you do not get sick
  • your focus becomes very sharp
  • you react to stressful situations much better
  • since you are treating yourself with respect food-wise, this starts to lead to self love through thoughts and overall well being.  You then feel amazing and you therefore begin to attract people and situations on that same vibe
  • you are excited for each day

Around the time I started eating raw, I discovered this great video below on YouTube from Ralph Smart.  I still follow him today and find his posts on both Instagram and YouTube to be very inspirational.

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  • Jule

    Wow thank you for that detailed post! Going raw pops up every now and then in my life and hopefully I can someday make the transition! Thanks again :)

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