Tips For Those Who Are Not 100% Raw But Want To Get Healthier

I truly feel raw is the way to go for the human body, mind and soul to operate at its best while here on this Earth.  Truly 100%.  This is from my own experiences and trials.

That being said, I know there are a lot of people who just simply won't do 100% raw. For whatever reason - they love the warm foods, the convenience, mom's cooking, social reasons etc. 

I often have people ask me for advice and things to eat for them or their children when they want to improve their eating habits but do not want to commit to 100% raw.

So, I want to offer some tips for those of you who don't want to do all raw but do want to go down a healthier path and be more conscious about your decisions as far as your food and health go.

Here is a list form of what I suggest:

  • Completely remove dairy.  This IS easy.  There are so many options now at home and dining out for you to do.  And if you have to drink coffees or lattes a good substitute would be coconut milk or almond milk.  Please avoid soy milk.
  • Remove meat and all other animal products and if you must consume meat and refuse to give it up then please limit the intake of it...for instance only have it on occasion so only do Holidays or if you insist on more frequently only do say Sunday's and keep the portion to a minimum
  • Remove gluten 
  • Please remove processed foods altogether or as much as possible.  There aren't many things worse for you than processed foods this also removes preservatives which are very bad for your body and thus your brain and then your soul experience
  • Do not microwave or bbq.  These are so bad for your Body.  Please.  Throw AWAY your microwave.  Not you do not need one.  Even before I transitioned to raw, I did not use a microwave for a while before that
  • Now, this brings me to how you cook - grilling and bbq'ing are terrible as you have possibly read in previous blog posts of mine.  Watch How you cook and What you cook with.  Cooking with olive oil on high temperatures is Truly bad for you. The Gerson Institute has good tips on what oils to use and temperatures for cooking etc.  When I still ate some cooked I tried to follow their methods of cooking so as to minimize the carcinogens to my body.  Also Dr Sebi recommends which oils to cook with and avocado oil seems to be on the safer side.  I am not a consumer of oils in general but I get it if you want to cook and feel the need for oils with certain things.
  • What you cook with - please watch this area as well.  It is important everything has a reaction to things and ultimately it affects your body and cells and brain and the whole package.  Apparently non-stick pans can be coated with a chemical known as Teflon which at certain temperatures can cause damage to your body.  Cast iron or glass are probably the best options as far as that goes.  I have a kettle and it is Glass I would suggest you move to a glass kettle for your teas (I got one on Amazon for next to nothing they are VERY cheap)
  • Try incorporate a lot more raw into your daily life.  Eat the fruits first earlier in the day.  Don't eat a heavy cooked meal and then some fruits for dessert.  Fruit digests VERY fast so it could sit and ferment on top of your heavy meal causing digestion problems and stomach upset and therefore mood upset
  • Buy as organic as possible 
  • Buy Non Gmo
  • Shop at the local farmers markets
  • Dine in more as opposed to out at restaurants.  You know what you are getting and can more often than not prepare healthier options
  • There are MANY things you can make these days if you don't want to eat as simple as I do.  If you want to get big into recipes there are so many soups (I recommend the Hippocrates Soup which you can find easily on Google), raw wraps that taste like they're not raw, raw dips for veggies that again taste delicious, just so many eating options to mix raw and non raw and many creations you can make if you want to get creative and stay healthy
  • More food suggestions: wild rice (natural it is dark in color) which is available at whole foods or healthy markets, quinoa, rye, spelt (you can get good organic spelt pastas now just be careful some of these may contain some wheat so some of you may have a reaction to this)
  • A lot of the raw and vegan restaurants now have both cooked and raw options and you will find many wonderful things to enjoy at these places.  Here in Toronto Thrive Organic (Long Branch) and the Live Organic Restaurants (Annex & Liberty) are my Favorite - absolutely AMAZING 
"You only get one body; it is the temple of your soul.  If you truly treat your body like a temple, it will serve you well for decades.  If you abuse it, you must be prepared for poor health and a lack of energy." - Oli Hille

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