The Late Doctor Sebi

"Eliminate the processed foods, the hybrid foods, the GMO foods, eat only organic fruits and vegetables with seeds which has a positive and not a negative effect on your mucus membrane...anything without a seed is foreign and created in a laboratory." -Dr. Sebi
Discovering Dr. Sebi's work and impact completely changed my health journey.  Dr. Sebi is the person who inspired me to go raw (even though he was not mainly known as promoting only raw).  It was the day after I discovered him and his work that I turned raw and to a completely natural way of eating.
Dr. Sebi (Alfredo Bowman 1933-2016) was a Honduran Herbalist, Healer and Naturalist of Holistic Medicine.  He was and is known in the community for healing all diseases including Diabetes, Cancer and AIDS. He believed in diet, electric foods and herbal remedies to heal the human body, as opposed to what we see a lot of now which is pills, drugs, surgeries and things that attack the body and bring hate and harm to the body, not things which start to nurture and LOVE the body for the first time truly in one's life.  
Electric Foods in Simple Terms:
  1. They are natural to the Earth/indigenous foods
  2. They are plant based/alkaline
  3. The body assimilates them easily, thus providing the energy it needs
  4. They nourish and also heal ones body
  5. They are Non GMO/Non Hybridized
Dr. Sebi emphasized with great passion how we humans are Electrical, and he therefore believed we need Electric foods which can only be found in nature and are indigenous to this earth.  Electric foods from nature are absolutely saturated with the suns rays and are alive and thriving and supply us with this energy and life force.  Electric foods also help to increase the copper within the nervous system, which is important for optimal use of your brain and senses. 
It is also important that our electric bodies remain in the proper Acid/Alkaline balance.  Electric foods are alkaline and they provide energy and also help the body heal and become nourished.  Diseases thrive in an Acidic environment, if you did not know already.   It is very important to keep your body in a more alkalized state to feel at its best and prevent diseases and an easy way to achieve this is by eating the beautiful and amazing electric foods which are as natural as possible from this Earth.  The water you choose to drink is also of great importance and I am going to save that for a future blog post.
In Dr. Sebi's eyes, electric foods are those that are Not made by man.  He believed man made foods such as seedless grapes, carrots and so on create mucus and acidity in our body. 
My opinion on all of this:
Now, in my opinion I do certainly believe for our bodies it has to be absolutely best to eat as natural and historically as possible when it comes to fruits and vegetables.  How can it be any other way, really. I do know though that a lot of the options we have today are hybrid...a lot of the apples, a lot of well, everything.  I try my best, but I am sure sometimes I am still consuming somewhat hybridized things.  And I do know also from studying other healing institutes (such as Gerson) that there have been people heal themselves with fruits and vegetables that are not completely non hybrid such as carrots.  Clearly there is still some nutritional value the body gains in some of those things. That being said, it is still my personal belief to try and eat as non hybrid as possible and I do stay away from those hybridized things as much as possible, or at least to the best of my knowledge.  From the research I have done as well, it seems that some hybridization could also occur in the plant reproduction world without human intervention. 
With regards to the GMO's today, I recall a study of lab rats once fed with GM corn and the results were interesting .  It can be a Very controversial topic to start going into GMO's.  Click Here for the link from Natural News and be warned the images can be a little graphic:).  
Some Interesting Notes from Dr. Sebi's life:
After he began curing some people he took out an ad in the paper and below is the story line of what followed (from an article on liveleak):

In 1985 Dr. Sebi placed an ad in The Amsterdam News, The New York Post, and The Village, the ad read…

“Aids has been cured by the Usha Research Institute, and we specialize in cures for Sickle Cell, Lupus, Blindness, Herpes, Cancer and others.”

The ad ran for 2 years before he was attacked by the Attorney General of New York. Dr. Sebi was told to remove the ad, when he refused within days he was served with a arrest warrant. According to Dr. Sebi the Attorney General bragged that he was going to “put Dr. Sebi under the jail!” The charges read to the jury was as follows..

Mr. Alfred Bowman aka Dr. Sebi, you are hereby charged with practicing medicine without a license, selling products not approved by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) and claiming to cure Aids, and other diseases which is a fraudulent claim.”

Dr Sebi was told to bring 1 person for each of the diseases he claimed to court with proof from a reputable doctor that the individual had the disease, then proof from another reputable doctor that the person was cured. Instead of bringing 1 for each disease, approx 70 people filled the court all with proof! The judge shook his head according to Dr. Sebi and said I did not ask for all of this. To make a long story short, the judge after seeing the proof and speaking with Dr. Sebi turned to the states attorney and asked, “Did you investigate the man?” She said, “No” The judge then said, “well, the answer he just gave me, he cures AIDS. You all are in trouble.” Dr. Sebi was then found NOT GUILTY on all charges by the state of New York and the supreme court because he was indeed curing people of the various diseases, including AIDS.

Dr. Sebi was a controversial man in many ways.  He did positively impact many people through his work and messages while he was alive, and his messages do continue to impact people today.  The right message is there - eat as nature intended.  To me that is raw but even if you start with eating fruits and vegetables in abundance, what you love as often as possible. Even if you have to cook some to get started - get started.  Remove the fake stuff. 

* If you are curious to see the food lists of non hybrid foods recommended by Dr. Sebi a quick Google search of Dr. Sebi food list will give you an abundance of lists right away.  This is the list I pretty much stick to most of the time.

"If Nature didn't make it, don't take it" - Dr. Sebi

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