I Broke My Diet - How Did I Feel?

Like shit.

Wow.  It's just next level difference eating a raw vibrant diet compared to one that is processed and acidic.

I wasn't sure if I was going to blog about it.  You know I have so much respect for these raw vegans who are at 10 or 20 years without ever breaking their diet.  After this past experience of breaking it I think I am headed toward being one of them.

Why? Because you truly feel so much worse when you consume things that are not in their natural state.  You are chasing a feeling and that's the feeling you are in full time on a raw diet of fruits and veggies.  An even better feeling than you can even imagine.

What led me to stray from how I eat? Well I decided one day out of the blue I was going to do it for a few days in an attempt to connect more with certain people. I live in a city in North America.  I am not surrounded by too many raw vegans. As I have gone raw vegan, I find some of the people I would sit and enjoy wine with or coffee, well I have lost a bit of connection to them. But you know what, that's okay.  Everything living is constantly changing and I am evolving as are the people around me, and if some people flow out of my life and new ones in, that's okay.  It's all growth.  I will respect the flow and more importantly respect my body and how I choose to feed it.

So, what did I consume that was different from how I normally eat? Black coffee, hash browns with organic ketchup, raw cacao, hand made french fries, gluten free pasta, gluten free toast with organic peanut butter and a sliced banana, raw crackers, baked gluten free chips and well I still included some raw salads, green juices every day, fruits like papaya and apples.

Certain things I would never break my diet on those being meat or dairy now.  I have no desire for them because of what they do to the body and I find I am growing spiritually and just simply do not want to consume that energy.  So they weren't a factor here.

In no way by mixing in the raw healthy foods did I feel their vibrant effects.  The body is too concerned with the acids and toxins to be in good, healing mode and feel good.  Trust me, you don't get the full effects unless you go all the way and do not put in any toxins.

Interestingly, I noticed my eye sight worsen temporarily during that time on the breaking of the diet.  That made me feel bad.  Breaking the diet made me Feel bad.  Eating like shit makes me Feel bad.  Why willingly put yourself into a state where you feel bad.  Life should feel good.  I won't do it again just to be on the same vibe as other people.  It is not even worth it. 

Another thing I noticed was I was not in tune with the synchronicity's of the universe as much.  This is one of the things I like MOST about my raw vegan diet.  You see these things that you were not probably open to otherwise. Things stand out to you more.  You are more awake. Perhaps that is why my eyes are healing being raw because I am become more awake spiritually.  I read the other day the state of your eyes are directly related to your spiritual state and that would make some sense.

What made me feel the absolute worst? The coffee.  By far.  I was surprised actually because I used to drink it every day.  It made me feel so bad.  I got a little amped up, well pretty amped up but in this fake, egotistical, drug way.  It made me feel a lot less happy.  It led me to people and situations I would not have attracted otherwise as well.  Physically I felt like that affected my eyes the worst.  It also made my joints feel inflammed through my body (especially my hands).  When I experienced the come down as well my mood was terrible.  But the funny thing is the next day came and I went back for more.  I had committed to a few days of indulging in 'crap' thinking it would be fun.  It wasn't! It set me back.  Luckily now my eyes are doing great and have been kicked back in healing mode. And I feel GREAT back on my diet!!  

I will never forget my meetings with a dear friend who passed of cancer.  In the end stages seeing her sit with her conventional large black coffee I would think to myself...these acids in there...they're so bad.  But what do you say? Sometimes I say things, other times I don't it all depends on the situation and where the other person is in their journey and beliefs as well.   

It is seriously a whole different life over there and I never want to be a part of that world again.  When I was consuming those things I would wake up in the morning with an uneasy feeling.  Overall I felt stressed and was worrying about things I would never worry about.  My daughter was annoying me at times and I was agitated.  It was awful!  I had nightmares.  I was also MUCH LESS productive. I had MUCH LESS focus.  I also had a lot less energy and swings as far as energy and moods go.  The energy factor was a major thing for me as I am used to having so much energy all the time.  Physically also I did not look as beautiful, nor did I feel it.  

It makes you realize just how bad those things are for the body.  The acid products, the processed things they're the absolute worst.  They cause problems the body and brain.  The inflammation.  

My eyes healing are a major factor in my motivation to stay committed to my way of eating.  Also, even more important being the way I feel eating this way.  The vibrancy. The spiritual experiences it is leading me to.  Without eating how I am, I am 100% certain I would not be evolving spiritually at the level I currently am.  Nourishing my body and mind is leading me down an amazing path I never thought was even possible. 

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