How To Get Started Eating Raw - Part Two

"The rest of the world lives to eat, while I eat to live" -Socrates

Continued from Part One:

Next up, you will want to eliminate processed foods. 

Ah, good old, addictive, processed foods.  They’re not real food.  Our bodies want food in its most natural state. Do you think you are going to run purely in body, mind and spirit eating Chips made in a factory with preservatives on them? Or candies with food coloring in them?? It's crazy.  It's simply crazy to feed your body that and not connect the fact that it can, and does, have an impact on your gut, brain, mood, disease and so much more.  

I only hope we one day live in a time where everyone understands the connection between what you put in your body affecting how it runs, and the issues it may get.  

"Man is the only member of the animal kingdom who, notwithstanding his supposedly higher intelligence, indulges his appetites at the expense of his body, and pampers these deliberately, without using common sense or good judgment, listening to the silky voice of deception telling him that food has nothing to do with the condition of his body." -Dr Norman W. Walker (The Vegetarian Guide to Diet & Salad)

I notice since I compost my organics, if I ever cook say pasta for others on occasion, (because not too many people eat like this and I am not one to preach and force one to), it just doesn’t change in that compost bin over the entire week, or even longer.  Nothing changing.  I’m sure you’ve also seen the documentaries and the fast food burgers just sitting there looking all the same after the full year also, or even two years.  See below, and if you haven't already, start watching some of the food documentaries on Netflix and I am sure they will inspire you one way or another to start taking control of how you feed your beautiful body.  And trust me, you start to Feel more beautiful when you eat well.

So, what does this lack of these fake a** foods breaking down say about how much harder it may be to breakdown in your body?  It’s not real!  It is addictive, but you Can get control of yourself.  So many people say to me "I could never do what you do Gill, it would be so hard," but No, it is not...I do it because I FEEL so good, So different, so much better.  And I want to feed myself with respect and love.  

Once you get all of the crap out of you, you do not crave it anymore.  You can only crave what is inside you...once it's out it is much easier!!  Someone said to me the other day, if you can get control of what you put in your body, you can get control of anything in life, and I like that.  You do start to gain more control over other things and you will also FEEL 1000x more alive and better and happier. 

This brings me to addictions. 

This is life changing to get your addictions in check .  I am not addicted to any thing I put in my body right now.  None of these are a part of my daily diet – alcohol, sugar, coffee, cacao, etc.  I find I am Much less productive when I consume these things, and much less happy.  My vibration goes down.  I am acidic.  I am thinking about having more of the drug rather than living life and feeling in the moment. 

Whenever I have broken my diet (because it has happened over the past couple years a few times with all of those things), it takes me until the 4th day of raw eating again to be back to feeling happy.  Not only that those 3 days are actually VERY depressing,  I have negative thoughts, feel unhappy, have headaches, stress, anxiety – you name it!!! 

What goes up must come down right? I am really realizing in life, the highs are absolutely not worth the lows, which are 10x worse than any up/high you may get.  Not worth it for those lost days. Not to mention the law of attraction in life and you attract how you feel and I always notice I seem to attract crap when I am feeling like that. I want to attract positive things and a positive vibe and to me it starts with myself and how I feel myself and how I think.

Next up, the GMO’S. Genetically modified foods…well organisms.  Genetically modified organisms (i.e. plants, animals or microorganisms) in which the genetic material (DNA) has been altered in a way that does not occur naturally by mating and/or natural recombination. 

There was a time back in 2009 or 2010 where I was consuming a lot of GMO Soy, and it was causing me bleed.  Now, I know amounts of things can matter and I was possibly having too many soy smoothies, however I don't think too many mangoes are going to cause me to bleed, or too many cantaloupes.  Anyway, once I cut the soy, the bleeding stopped.  Soy contains phytoestrogens called isflavones that can mimic the activity of the hormone estrogen in the body.  I have just read so many bad things on soy and from my experience it is not something I would consume. 

Other GMO's include, but are not limited to: corn, sugar beets, canola oil, vegetable oil and more.  I found this page a couple years ago, and found it very interesting when it comes to this topic and highly recommend you copy and paste this link to your browser and glance through it:  It is VERY interesting.

Now that I have discussed a lot of which I believe you should stop feeding your body, I will do a small section here on what I believe you Should eat.  I am going to do another post on this in the near future perhaps more specifically on what I eat on a regular basis as this section is important and should not be small!

I recommend you try and eat as Organically as possible.  I eat all organic when possible. 

I also recommend you visit your local farmers market as often as you can.  I make two trips per week to them in the summer months, and throughout the year I have one that is year round, which is excellent and has many organic options.  It's great to support your local organic farmers and if you can't grow your own food it is the next best thing for food quality and aliveness. You also start to build relationships with the farmers through these markets and look forward to seeing them and catching up each week.

As far as how I eat, I always start the day with an easy to digest fruit - a type of melon - depending on what's in season as I always try to eat as in season as possible.  So I begin the day with one of the following: watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew melon or papaya.  And my body loves it.  I start to feel alive, vibrant and excited for the day.  Melons are best eaten on an empty stomach and eaten alone.  I feel AMAZING starting the day with melons. 

I recommend eating low fat, so fats should be about 10% of your diet in my opinion, and from my personal experience.  This may be different for you, but this is what works for me.  For example, this would be approximately 1/3 of an avocado in a day or a handful of nuts.  Too many fats can and will make you tired (I recommend you read my earlier blog on this). 

I also obviously recommend eating as natural and non hybrid as possible.  I believe our bodies prefer simplicity and not all these crazy gourmet meals, with 10 different ingredients, and loads of fats that are so hard to digest and then make you Tired. 

Through the day, I usually do mono meals (only one food at a time) until I feel each has digested and then I have a fairly large salad in the early evening.  I have started having lesser ingredients in my salad as well such as greens with bell peppers and cherry tomatoes with either no dressing or some lime squeezed in.  If I do not eat after the evening dinner/salad, I find that makes me feel the best the next morning and I then wake feeling more awake as I sleep well since my body is not working to digest food.  I do also usually have one organic green juice (vegetable only mix) per day. On some days where I detox on only fruit, I have more energy and creativity than ever before and the next day I wake very early feeling super refreshed, well rested and ready for a new day.

I want to expand much more on the foods I recommending eating, eating seasonally and how I eat in upcoming blogs.


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