How to Eat Raw on a Budget

"If you think wellness is expensive, you should try illness" - Anonymous 

Eating all raw and organic can be very costly, I do know that, but there are many ways to eat Raw on a budget.  You don't have to tell yourself it's too expensive because you can do it for less and right off the bat you do save money by not eating out at all or as much.

I also want to point out eating Raw is something that puts you into amazing health so invest in yourself now and you will save later on down the road at some point when healing yourself becomes necessary.  

Make it a necessity now.  Start now.  Your Health should come first.  It should be your priority.  Everything stars with health.  You have control of this machine you are in so feed it things that will give it optimal energy with a clear mind and happy spirit.  Trust me Raw is what does this.  

If you want to try raw or are already raw but need or want to do this on a Budget, here are my tips!

  • Make bananas a staple in your diet.  Organic bananas are VERY inexpensive.  No they may not always be there more natural burro or baby bananas but we have to work with what we have and it's still a lot healthier than a bag of chips! Bananas run at a very good price as I said and usually where I buy them close to home they are about $2.25 a bunch.  That's a lot of food for $2.25.
  • Make apples a staple in your diet.  Now that my body is so clean and functioning so well, I am very in tune to what each food gives to me and how it makes me feel.  Apples are VERY high vibe and really make you feel GOOD, focused and creative.  They do a lot for the body and I can't recommend this food enough.  Apples really vary in prices.  I typically prefer the Gala apples and they seem to be priced in the low to mid range of apples.  
  • Work with the Dirty Dozen, Clean Fifteen Lists.  These are lists (easy to find on Google) that show you foods that are more acceptable to eat non organic and which aren't.  For example - Strawberries are apparently Very high in pesticide residues so this is something that should always be organic.  Some of the Clean Fifteen foods I tend to buy non organic at times are: Avocado, Pineapple, Papaya, Mango, Honeydew, Kiwi, Cantaloupe.  
  • Work with what is on sale in your local market at the time.  This is a big part of eating raw on a budget.  There are always great things on sale.  Something you love or will soon love is on sale.  For example, avocados have been on sale at my local store this week for $2.44 for a bag of 5 or 6!  This is an AMAZING deal.  I am not sure I even saw them that low in Costa Rica.  Fantastic.  SO they are part of the Clean Fifteen and something I bought.  I bought 2 bags and have been going back here and there to get a bag that still needs a lot of ripening so I still have some down the line
  • Remember you don't have to have fifty million types of foods in your cart.  You can stick to only a few different foods for the week and put the focus on the sale items.  
  • If you love an item and want to buy A LOT of it ask the Produce Manager for a case discount
  • Do not buy too much at once.  Try go to the store more often.  I find for me I will buy more than I need if I am trying to shop for say a whole week at once.  I find it works best for me to go a few times a week.  They know me well at my local store lol.  The cashier says she has started dreaming of Papaya because I come through the line so often:).
  • Bring food with you all the time and don't eat out very often.  The raw vegan gourmet meals can not only add up financially but they are also not as healthy as very simple raw foods you can eat at home.  
  • Try and stick to eating a lot of the 'in season' fruits and vegetables.  They will cost less than eating things not in season.  That being said it is hard in certain months to do this but for a lot of the year it is a good route to take.
  • Learn about and incorporate fasting into your life.  Many people swear by fasting.  Steve Jobs was a big fan of doing fasts because they put him into a state of euphoria.  Make sure you do your research on fasting first.  This is one thing I still have to experience.  But even short term fasts for a day or two a week or even shorter term than that or longer term.  They say people who live the longest eat less and it's more natural in my opinion for our bodies to have some periods of not eating.  Plus it gives you body a break from digesting food. And you may just have some pretty amazing spiritual experiences.

 "Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food." - Hippocrates 

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