Getting Kids to Eat Fruits & Veggies Is Easier Than You Think

 “The early years are when you give your child a foundation for establishing a proper diet. If kids learn about the importance of eating healthy early in their lives, they will not have to relearn as an adult.”  -Nicole Henderson

I wanted to write this blog because I am extremely passionate about how kids eat.  Especially at this point in time. 
I feel like we have a major crisis as far as how the world and our children are eating. 
How you eat affects your entire body and brain - everything inside and out.

If children were eating more pure, I can guarantee you they would have a lot less of the problems such as: the whole 'ADHD,' the ashtma, the skin problems, the dental problems, you name it.

For the most part, it is A LOT easier to get your kids to eat raw fruits and veggies than you think.

I feel like most parents WANT to be feeding their kids healthy and they feel bad about when their kids eat junk.

Feeling bad won't do anything! Just get started on feeding them better now! Everyone is doing the best they can and when you know better you do better!

I recently transitioned my 5 year old Mae to almost all raw...with the exception of maybe a Sunday treat cooked meal, or a meal if she is at a friends for dinner.  Otherwise, she is eating so well and I can see a major difference in her skin and she is much calmer. For the most part she has been fairly healthy the past couple of years but at the end of 2017 she did get a little too far into the not so healthy side and I could see a major difference and did not feel good about myself either allowing it.

My daughter Mae

I see why parents end up giving their kids junk because it does feel much easier.  You think it's easier to just give that to them to make them happy for the short term but in fact it's making them less happy, more moody and affecting the entire household and even outside of the household.

If you only give them healthy options, they will eat it and it will happen faster than you think.  It won't be a crazy long term of horror and screaming for the most part it happens faster than you think!

I really try to enforce with my daughter how important the fruits and veggies are for her entire body to grow and feel at its best - for her to not need glasses, for her to feel happy and loving, for her to avoid nightmares at night.  For her to feel vibrant!

Also - be the example.  If you eat well in front of your kids they will be more likely to do it also.

The raw foods have so many enzymes that are truly so good for our children and us.  

My daughters lunches are 100% raw at school and fairly mono - not too many foods mixed in there.  Usually she begins the day with her favorite - honeydew melon cut up at home (melons are best alone and on an empty stomach!) and then at lunch she will either have all fruits or all vegetables - she enjoys mangoes, peaches, blackberries, bell peppers, and so on.  She does not partake in 'Pizza Day' which seems to be EVERY week now??  So on those days I may give her more of a treat such as dried apricots or the odd time a gluten free, vegan cookie.

You can have fun with the foods - bring new foods home such as dragonfruit, granadillas, papaya and so on - have them guess what they are and what they do for the body - they truly love it! Then introduce it to them to taste and enjoy!

How we feed our kids is so important I can not stress this enough.  Every cell in their body thrives off of living, real, vibrant, happy foods!  They will grow better, feel better and then the entire household and world is a better place starting right in your home!




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