Too Many Fats Can Make You Tired

Realizing how fats affect me has been one of the most life changing things of this entire food journey.

Just to be clear, natural fats are things such as olives, avocados, nuts and nut butters (which I do not consume too often as it’s not real food and my body simply doesn’t feel at it’s best digesting nut butters).  My daughter Mae on the other hand would live off of almond butter and bananas if I allowed it.

Fats (in proper and not excessive amounts) are a great source of energy.  They are a source of essential fatty acids which are important for good cell function.  Fats are also important for functioning of the nerves and brain, maintaining healthy skin and tissue and transporting fat soluble vitamins such as A, D, E & K through the bloodstream.

Fats take longer than anything to digest and because of this if you eat them in large amounts they can absolutely affect things such as your energy levels, digestion and mental focus.

I think back to when I was in Florida last Christmas eating Large amounts avocados and nuts and not connecting this to the fact that I was so tired.  I had slowly been increasing my diet to more and more fats and had not noticed this was why my energy was so low!! So tired when waking in the morning and tired through the day if my fats were too high. And not feeling as clear and happy.  Feeling sluggish.

I have recently began experimenting with periods of no fats just to see how I feel.  Short periods because I know I know we need fats, but I can tell you this for the temporary periods when I do this there has been nothing that has ever made me feel better.  More at peace.  More in love with life and each moment.  It is a whole new level life experience on this diet.  I did 30 days in July of it and it was the best month of my life.  I have now just started again a few days ago and I am getting that feeling BACK.  I feel so spiritual.  I feel so inclined to accomplish ANYTHING.  So full of LIFE.  So CLEAR.  So driven and able to accomplish tasks.  My energy is ABSOLUTELY THROUGH THE ROOF.  It all makes so much sense doesn’t it?  Since fats take a great deal more to digest so the body is working harder to digest and the body and brain aren’t then functioning as well as they could be?  I am SO PRODUCTIVE on this diet.  SO FOCUSED. My sleep and dreams are so amazing.  I am not by any means promoting a no fat diet to anyone but right now I love doing this.

I don’t know how long I will stay off fats this time but I know I want to stay feeling like this.  When I do go back I will aim to keep on the low fat which to me is no more than 10% fats in my diet.  I am a big fan of avocados and walnuts and those are typically the only fats I consume.  From time to time almonds and the odd brazil nut. Now and then, I also LOVE enjoying a kale salad with tomatoes and cucumber and then Tahini as the dressing with some key lime squeezed on.  It's perfect and delicious.  

When I first realized how fats were affecting me, I came across this video below which has many great points on why you should eat a low fat raw vegan diet as opposed to one that is high in fat. 




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