Everything is Connected

"Measured with magnetic field meters, the electromagnetic field that the heart produces is some 5000 times more powerful that that created by the brain." -Stephen Harrod Buhner

Have you ever noticed the thoughts of someone randomly popping into your head?

For instance, the other day, my Mom popped into my head randomly.  Out of nowhere.  It turned out at that very second she was thinking of me and texting me about how much she loved me (truly) and she wanted to tell me about this special, thoughtful gift she had made for me.  There was no such reason I thought of her, she just randomly came into my mind.  And I know her text was sent to me with such love, and therefore her thoughts were.  They are powerful thoughts those of love, and they have a strong power to them.  More than we realize.

I am starting to think in life, as out there as this may sound, that sometimes, just sometimes, when this happens at random (someone popping into your head when there's no reason for it - no reminder or reason for thoughts of them), it means the other person out there is thinking about You

We are all Energy after all.  Which is pretty freaking amazing.  

This all reminds me a little bit of this absolutely FASCINATING petri dish test I read about last year and I can not wait to share the test results below.

There was an AMAZING experiment done on soldiers in the U.S to prove that certain emotions and feelings create a physical cellular reaction in the body.  In the study, military men were shown a series of violent videos, clips and images.  Afterwards, their cheek cells were scraped to see how their cells reacted to the violent clips.  ALL cells collected showed an elevated physical response (aggravation), which revealed how the emotional health can truly affect the physical health. 

Here is what I find most interesting.  To take this further, they did it once again but this time the soldiers cheek cells were scraped before exposing them to the violent images and such and the cells were placed in isolation in a petri dish located NEXT DOOR. The study showed that even though the cells were outside of the body - not connected and in a different location altogether, when the violent media was shown to the soldiers, the cells Still tested positive for the negative (aggravation) effects like before.  Isn't this SO INTERESTING?? 

It doesn't stop there. This test was done once again with the cells being driven 50 miles away from the soldiers locations to see if the Distance stopped the connection between the cells and thoughts and it turned out the cells STILL reacted strongly to the emotions that the men were having at the same time.  

WOW!! So, if the cells outside your body are still linked to your thoughts and feelings even when they're miles away, imagine how powerful we truly are.  Truly!

Everything is energy.

Just think how important it is then for us to try our best to stay in a state of feeling good and thinking good thoughts. It really does affect us and our world, and also create our world.  To me, staying in this good state involves feeding myself a high vibration diet, surrounding myself with positive people, listening to good music, making sure I try and avoid things that can make myself feel bad like the news, tv etc and going after what speaks to my Heart.  Flowing with life from my Heart and what feels right.  Even when it may not make logical sense to my mind.  The more I learn to go with what feels right and flow with the Universe, the more I am finding I am in the right place and on the right track.

I believe our thoughts truly do send out energy signals, and then someone can sense this, such as me thinking of my Mom that time I mentioned above.  I especially believe this to be true when there is a strong feeling attached...maybe not so much just a regular thought but a strong feeling attached to that thought.  Good or bad.

I feel more in tune with all of this on this clean, natural diet.  It really brings out a different side of you.  You begin to think different and feel more in touch with this magical universe and this magical thing we call life. 



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